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Delfuneum is all about finding in every day.


Welcome to Delfuneum where you’ll find apparel and accessories featuring fun and funky patterns that are perfect for mixing and matching. Coordinate your dress with your leggings and top it off with a matching jacket. Feel good about buying from an online store comitted to cutting down on waste, and support the work of an indpendent artist.

custom printed

Let’s face it, fast fashion leads to waste. Most store stock a variety of styles in an assortment of sizes, meaning that they’ll run out of some style/size combos and have an excess of others. Delfuneum utilizes print-on-demand technology to produce our clothing and accessories. This means that all the different products you see for sale on our website are not actually produced until an order is placed. When you buy from Delfuneum we work with our U.S. manufacturing partners to produce your items then ship them to you. The downside to this is you might have to wait a little bit longer for your items to arrive (usually 7 to 14 business days) , but you can rest assured that your purchase helps to cut down on clothing waste and helps to support an independent artist.

artist designed

Delfuneum’s design lines feature the digital artwork of Alissa Grosso. Alissa’s love of bright and bold colors and her passion for all things vintage shows in the different patterns and illustrations she creates for Delfuneum. Like the Delfuneum brand Alissa is all about finding the fun in every day.  You can learn more about Alissa at her personal website.

made to mix and match

If you love coordinating your look, then you’ve come to the right place. The Delfuneum store features coordinated collections. These coordinating patterns with funky vibes make for eye-catching looks. With an assortment of separates that pair perfectly together you can create multiple outfit combinations from a handful of garments. Browse by clothing type or pick your favorite design collection and see all the different items available featuring these matching prints.

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