& oaks

Fall is here, and there’s no better time to introduce the latest Delfuneum design line. Acorns & Oaks was inspired by some of the foliage outside my window dressed up in bright and vibrant oranges, purple,  golden yellow and magenta that’s perfect for autumn.

Even as I type these words I’m interrupted by startling loud crashing noises as acorns drop off the oak tree branch that hangs over my deck and land with a surprising amount of noise on the roof or the deck. Occaionally they land right on the metal railing and it sounds like I’m under attack. On a daily basis I must clean all the acorns off of the deck. I toss the nuts onto the ground right beside the oak tree, where I’ve noticed the local deer seem to be quite fond of this autumn snack. I was surprised since I think of acorns as mainly a squirrel food source, but I suppose my acrobatic squirrels have no trouble harvesting plenty of acorns fresh from the trees themselves. They seem to be content to leave the windfall (literally) acorns to the deer.

After the first day that I saw a mama and baby deer eating the acorns I had tossed onto the ground, I looked up about deer and acorns and learned that acorns are considered a primary food source for whitetail deer. I’ve literally lived around these animals my entire life, and never even realized this. I think of them more as eaters of grass and leaves, but when I was a kid visiting my grandmother’s vacation home in the Poconos we used to feed dried corn to the local deer by hand. So, I guess they do like those crunchy sort of foods too.

Do you have a favorite fall treat that you enjoy eating? I’m guessing it’s probably not acorns. I know from social media that there are a lot of folks out there who just about lose their minds now that it is “pumpkin spice” season. Each year I’m astounded by the number of products that manage to come out with a pumpkin spice variety for the fall. It’s a flavor that I don’t loathe, but also don’t lose my mind over. I’m not a coffee drinker so perhaps if I was, I would really get into pumpkin spice lattes. I’ve tried pumpkin spice flavored tea, and it was definitely not for me, though the pumpkin spice flavored hot chocolate I had was okay.

Well if you are a fan of pumpkin spice flavored hot beverages, then you’ll likely appreciate the oaks and acorns monogrammed coffee mug. It features my vibrantly colored illustrations of oak leaves with matching acorns, and is ready to be personalized with your initials. This autumn themed mug is available in the Delfuneum Zazzle shop. That’s also where you’ll find other monogrammed items like this laptop sleeve plus home decor items for fall and party supplies all featuring these richly colored autumn leaves and acorns. You can browse the whole Autumn Acorns & Oaks collection here.

If you’re heading out on hayride, doing some pumpkin picking or just doing some leaf peaking, you can dress the part with fall foliage graphic t-shirts available from Delfuneum on Amazon. While you’re there don’t miss autumn leaves patterned phone cases or throw pillows to help add a touch of autumn to your home decorating.