fishing for trout

There’s a small creek that runs through my front yard, and sometimes when I’m walking out to retrieve the mail, I pause to look down and watch th teeny tiny fish that swim in the clear water. They’re nowhere near the size of the trout depicted in the Fishing for Trout collection of designs. To see trout like that I’d have to head down the road to the river or head off in the other direction and visit a local lake.

I have to admit I’ve never gone fishing. I don’t eat fish, and since I’m the type of person that gently escorts spiders and other bugs out of her house, I don’t think I would have the stomach for fishing. Though there are some animal fishers who visit my yard in search of meals. Most notably herons, who I occasionally see hanging out in the creek or sometimes fisher cats, who I learned are more likely to eat rabbits and chipmunks and such, making these weasels perhaps the worst named creatures in the animal kingdom, but I digress.

The closest I ever came to fishing was when for a few months my family lived in a rental house on a lake. There was a dock in the backyard from which we used to set off on rowboat excursions through the lake. Standing on the dock you could sometimes see fish swimming in the water. One day my sister and I along with a couple of friends decided we would try to catch some of these fish with a bucket. We thought it would be easy to simply dip the bucket into the lake and scoop up some fish. It was not easy. Despite our attempts to use pieces of bread as bait, we could not manage to scoop up any fish, but it wasn’t for lack of effort or determination. Our fishing attempts came to an end when our friend, so sure she was going to finally catch those fish, leaned down with the bucket, lost her balance, and plunged straight into the lake.

Shooting fish in a barrel might be super easy. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never tried (see my above explanation about spiders in my house) but catching fish in a bucket is anything but easy. I suppose there’s a reason most fishermen prefer to use fishing poles and baited hooks to catch trout instead of the old leaning down with a bucket method. But you don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate the artwork in the Fishing for Trout design line. Anyone who loves animals and nature will appreciate this depiction of these water-dwelling creatures.

By the way, in the photo of my Fishing for Trout fabric swatch, you can catch a glimpse of the creek in my yard. It’s a bit too far away though to make out any of th little fishies.

The Fishing for Trout design line features simple illustrations of trout in shades of blue and cream. The retro style graphics depict these fish swimming in a swirling sort of pattern, much like the fish we valiantly attempted to catch off our backyard dock all those years ago. The cool blue tones have a refreshing feel much like a dip (planned or accidental!) in a lake. So, whether you’re looking to give a cool update to your look, or just on the hunt (mixing my sportsman metaphors there!) for a cool gift for your favorite fisherman take a refreshing dip of your own and explore the different products available featuring this fishy design.

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