gnomes in

the garden

As I write this there is a dead African violet sitting in a flower pot in my living room. I recently inadvertantly murdered this innocent plant by daring to transplant it to a larger pot, or perhaps I just looked at it the wrong way. Who can say? Not me, certainly because I didn’t inherit my grandmother’s green thumb. She used to have pots upon pots full of healthy African violets in addition to scores of other plants. But the other thing my grandmother had was some garden gnomes in her garden. So, perhaps that’s the secret.

I was definitely thinking about Grandma’s garden gnomes when I created my Gnomes in the Garden graphics. Just like in my artwork, Grandma’s gnomes used to stand in her garden happily surrounded by flowers. They were joined by a small assortment of garden statues. I believe at least some of them were crafted by Grandma in her regular ceramics classes. Though her garden had plenty of colors thanks to all her healthy blooms, her ceramic gnomes and other creatures did help bring her backyard oasis to life.

Once again I haven’t had the same luck Grandma had with my own garden art. Even though my sad gardens could use all the help they can get, my garden art has gone the way of many of my plantings. A cute cat garden stake I had was stolen, and more recently some stained glass garden art lost a battle with a lawnmower.

Since, actual garden gnomes are probably not a possibility for me. I’ll gladly settle for this illustration of these wise little men surrounded by flowers from my own imagination, you know, because real flowers are such a challenge for this violet-killer.

Not too far from here is a walking and biking trail we used to visit regularly that was home to many gnome homes. I don’t know if you’ve come across any gnome homes in the wild, but these cute little houses crafted by gnome-loving kids and adults are definitely a treat to find while out for a stroll. Perhaps since gardening and garden statues don’t seem to be in my cards, I should put my energy into creating some gnome homes here in my yard.

Well, one of these days I’ll get to work on soloving gnome homelessness, but until then I’m pleased to share my Gnomes in the Garden design line. As you can see its filled with illustrations of little gnomes wearing pointy hats and full white beards. These little bearded men are dressed in red, light blue and yellow with brown boots. Coordinating with the gnomes’s outfits are an assortment of flowers on green stems that look a lot more like my grandmother’s garden than anything my thumb could ever manage. And all of it is set against a navy blue background for a design that relies heavily on primary colors.

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