Magical Unicorns

Like pretty much every girl that grew up in the 1980s, I had a thing for unicorns. I don’t know that unicorns have ever really gone out of style, and I think they remain especially popular with girls today, but I can assure you that in my childhood they were the height of awesomeness, which was my inspiration for creating my Magical Unicorns design line.

Back in the day, I had a pretty serious sticker collection. And some of the most coveted stickers were those featuring the artwork of Lisa Frank. Her style was bold and loud and so very 1980s. Cute kittens were a popular subject, but so were magnificent magical unicorns. But unicorns were everywhere back in my childhood. They illustrated Trapper Keepers (that very 1980s school supply),  Freezy Freakies and countless other apparel items. Besides my stickers I also had a pretty good collection of My Little Ponies going. The original characters released in the My Little Pony collection but soon fantastical creatures with glittery butt emblems joined their pony cousuins with unicorns and pegasus characters added to the MLP lineup.

Somehow or other I convinced one of my middle school teachers to let me write my research paper on unicorns. You might think I wouldn’t be able to track down enough non-fiction on these mythical beasts to write an entire research paper, but fascination with unicorns dates back to well before the 1980s. Back in the middle ages there were many who believed that unicorns, though rare, were very much real. And who could blame them? There was still so much of the world to be explored, and unicorns didn’t really seem too far-fetched. I remember reading about different explorers tasked with tracking down a unicorn who returned with their plunder, a unicorn horn. Of course, as it turns out these horns came not from unicorns, but narwhals, or as I like to think of them the narwhals of the sea.

The unicorn artwork in the Magical Unicorns design line is more simple in style than Lisa Frank’s wonderful illustrations, but it does incorporate some of the colors that I closely associate with the unicorns from my childhood like purple, lavender and magenta. It features the heads of regal unicorns paired with some playful floral accents. These magical beasts are featured in a girly surface pattern design and presented on their own. Pillows, tote bags, graphic tees and more can be found on Amazon or head over to the Delfuneum Zazzle store where you’ll find personalized gifts, party supplies and some apparel items.