retro bugs

During the warmer months, I enjoy eating my lunch outside. Unfortunately, so do a lot of different insects and other creepy crawlies, and my deck and yard are chock full of them. We do our best to tolerate one another.

This area does seem to be pretty popular with a lot of bugs. We’ve got more than our fair share of invasive species with spotted lanternflies, stink bugs and those awful ash borer beetles who have laid waste to a LOT of trees around here. We also have all the usual suspects like mosquitoes, flies, moths and wasps. Earlier this summer our days were pretty noisy when the cicadas were out in full force. They weren’t the only nuisance pests this year. I’ve been doing battle with three different batches of ants that wanted to move in here, plus one more pack that moved into my mailbox, and for reasons that aren’t clear I was finding that a lot of lightning bugs were getting into my bedroom this year.

With all these bugs buzzing around, I decided to create some bug illustrations and the Retro Bugs design line was born. These simple, colorful graphic were inspired by vintage bug themed toys and feature a bright retro color palette with insects in yellow, red, green, black and cream or beige. I’ve seen all the bugs depicted in these illustrations somewhere in my yard. This set of designs includes beetles, a dragonfly, a cicada, a moth and a grasshopper.

These fun illustrations are perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind if a bug happens to land on them while they’re eating their lunch, and who like me is a little bit fascinated by these small six-legged critters. If they’re obsessed with bugs, they’ll have no problem identifying the insects in the Retro Bugs collection, even if the colors tend more toward the pop art end of things as opposed to realism.

This collection includes both simple graphic items like this retro bugs graphic t-shirt available on Amazon and personalized graphic items like this mouse pad available on Zazzle. Over on Zazzle you’ll find an assortment of retro bugs items including apparel, home decor and more featuring my retro bugs surface pattern set against a light blue background.