skunks and flowers

This design line is a case of opposites attract with stinky smelling skunks paired up with sweet smelling flowers. There are a lot of skunks around here, but we’re pretty good at keeping our distance from one another. That said, despite their stinkiness I do think skunks are pretty cool animals.

Most of the times when you see skunks around here, it’s late at night. Last year while driving home late one night along a country road, I got to see a mama skunk and four little babies waddling aross the road. Pretty cool.

Less cool was the time when I was in my teens and our cat Glamour Puss got sprayed by a skunk outside. Glamour was a long haired gray and white cat and the conventional wisdom at the time was to wash an animal who had been sprayed by a skunk in tomato juice. I suspect this is more along the lines of old wives’ tale then practical advice, and I suspect this because my mom did wash Glamour (much to the cat’s dismay) in tomato juice. The end result was that Glamour had a slightly pinkish hue and now smelled revoltingly of skunk and tomato juice. It was not a good combination.

In fact she smelled so foul that one night when she decided to sit her smelly butt down between my sister and I on the couch while we were watching a movie, we looked at each while trying not to gag and decided that something needed to be done then and there. We grabbed the cat and against her protests brought her to the bathtub where we decided to wash her with some Suave brand Strawberry Essence shampoo. The fruity suds did the trick, and though it didn’t completely erase the stunk stench, it made Glamour’s scent at least tolerable.

I would not recommend washing your pet with either tomato juice or human shampoo. These days there are lots of pet safe shampoos out there which can rid your pet of skunky odors safely and effectively. Glamour survived her two forced baths and lived to a ripe old age, and luckily she learned her lesson and was never sprayed by a skunk again. Though some years later, the family dog had a run-in with a skunk. Thankfully the spray just got his snout, so while it might have been an unpleasant learning experience for the dog, it wasn’t so bad for the rest of the family.

The good news is that none of the products in the Skunks and Flowers design line are scratch and sniff so you don’t have to worry about any skunky odors, and though some of the skunks are doing their trademark handstands to ward off their predators, you can rest assured knowing this is an illustration only. Plus there’s some pretty flowers, which also don’t have any scent, but hopefully will help balance out the imaginary smell of these little critters. So, where can you find these different stinkin’ cute designs? I’m glad you asked!

You can find Too Stinkin’ Cute graphic tees and more available from Delfuneum on Amazon. Or you can head over to Delfuneum’s Zazzle store where you’ll find skunks and flowers patterned leggings, pretty skunk paper cups and skunk illustrated throw pillows plus much more. You can see all the different items featuring this floral animal print with Art Nouveau vibes in the Skunks and Flowers collection on Zazzle.