stay hydrated

Whether you’re out for a hike or just hanging out at home, it’s important to stay hydrated. With sunny and bright illustrations of water bottles this Stay Hydrated design line from Delfuneum promotes a healthy lifestyle.

I love drinking water, and for whatever reason I especially love drinking water out of reuseable water bottles. I have to admit, I wasn’t always so good with my water intake. Growing up in the 1980s water just wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today.

Certainly, my parents didn’t do much to encourage the consumption of water. The idea of bringing a bottle of the stuff with you when you were on the go was simply not that standard. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that we didn’t have the wonderful selection of water bottles folks have today. The closest thing I had to a water bottle back in the day was a flimsy metal canteen that was purchased specifically for a Brownies camping trip, and which gave any beverage it held a distinctly metallic flavor.

It wasn’t until I started running track in high school that I became a serious water drinker. Long distance running means you really need to do a good job of drinking plenty of water. Around this time my sister was visiting nearby amusement park and found a $20 bill on the ground. She decided to use her windfall to pick up some souvenirs, including a gigantic hot pink water bottle for me. It quickly became my favorite.

Over the years I’ve had a few favorite water bottles. My current one is teal blue, and not nearly so large as that hot pink one my sister bought me. I think it’s pretty cool that reuseable water bottles comes in all different colors, sizes and styles and I tried to capture that with my bright and colorful water bottle illustrations in the Stay Hydrated design.

Stay Hydrated is available as both a surface pattern like what you can see on the shower curtain and fabric swatch, or as a standalone graphic like what you see on the graphic t-shirt or the personalized notebook up top. The water bottles are in bright summer colors of teal blue, magenta pink, lime green and yellow with white accents and are set against a light teal to mint green background. It is meant to evoke a hot summer day, and the cool and refreshing taste of water to slake your thirst.

To me it also calls to mind outdoor sports and adventures. Sure a water bottle is a must if you’re running long distance like I used to do in my younger days, but water is pretty necessary for all forms of outdoor recreaton, and these water bottle graphics make me think of essentail gear for hiking or camping trips, essential gear with a fun girly style, because even us girls like to enjoy the great outdoors.

You can find Stay Hydrated designs available for sale in different online stores with graphic tees and more available from Amazon; patterned fabric available from Spoonflower; and personalized gifts, stationery items, apparel and home decor items from the Delfuneum store on Zazzle.